No Model United Nations conference could ever be successful without a passionate secretariat team of hardworking individuals, and VMUN is no exception. 

Meet the incredible people behind Vanier's second Model UN conference!

Yehia is a second year student at Vanier college, studying pure and applied sciences. He aspires to study pure mathematics in university.

Yehia is also interested in politics, philosophy, and economics, and has been an active member in the VMUN community for the past year after attending numerous conferences. In his free time, Yehia likes to read, play volleyball, and watch good movies.

Miranda is a Second Year Honours Social Science student majoring in International Studies and hopes to study human rights law in the future. She first joined MUN last year, being a delegate at various conferences and had the chance to take on a larger role as USG of Treasury for VMUN. She was a competitive swimmer and currently lifeguards and teaches swimming lessons. If you would like to show her your appreciation, she enjoys Starbursts, however if your payment is late, some Snickers might be in order!

She can’t wait to welcome you at VMUN 2020!

Alexis is a first-year student at McGill studying in International Development and in History of Art. He has been an avid MUNer for several years and has played an active role in VMUN. He is interested in sustainable development, organic produce, and international mediation. Alexis is very excited to see you all for his second edition of VMUN.

Lauren  is a second year student at Vanier College in International Studies. She is interested in politics, law and international affairs and will be pursuing her studies in Political Science with a minor in Law next fall. Lauren also enjoys reading, watching movies and hanging out with friends. She has been involved in the Model UN world for 2 years now after attending multiple conferences around Montreal. Lauren is very excited to see you all at VMUN's second edition!

Agathe is in her second and final year at Vanier studying honours social sciences, majoring in International Studies and Sustainability. It is her second year in the whirlwind world of MUN and her first year as an executive of VMUN. She hopes to become a diplomat working abroad and will most likely study political science, international development and gender studies in university. In her (rare) free time, Agathe loves to figure skate, sing, go to concerts and make her friends laugh.

Yasen is a second-year student at Vanier College. He is currently enrolled in Honours Social Sciences with Law and Society as a Major. His future studies will either drift towards Law or into Economics. He enjoys debating but feels most at ease in Crisis Committees where delegates can show off their ability to adapt to unpredictable situations. He can't wait to observe delegate's skills at VMUN 2020 !

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