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Ad Hoc


In the Land of Lincoln, far and wide

Desolate congregations in the sand

Anonymous coats and blank faces hide

Behind beloved Miss America's hand


Rumors broil in mercury

Proportions disastrous, a mystery;

Hidden secrets in green files

Of some things bad leaked, gone vile


Black uniforms call for duty

Folks, beware to the nation's hive

The skies are looking a little moody

They will soon arrive.

Your Dais
youeJnr rTan
Vanier College 
Faculty of Arts, Business, and Social Sciences
Journey-Tran blurred.jpg
coaislN hosamT
Crisis Director
Champlain College St.-Lambert
World Studies with Math
Nicolas-Thomas blurr.jpg
ceirFab ilnGésa rraLína
McGill University
Hnours in Political Science
Fabrice Gélinas Larraín blurred.jpg
Bnimaenj kMa
Assistant Crisis Director
Vanier College
Music and Science Double DCS
No Background Guide for Ad Hoc
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