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Taking Notes

Delegate Resources

A Few Helpful Delegate Resources



A basic understanding of Robert's Rules of Order is imperative to maintaining fruitful parliamentary debate within a Model United Nations committee and is the most fundamental tool in a delegate's arsenal. Here is a beginner's guide to help you get acquainted with the rules of procedure used at a MUN conference.



A position paper is a document delegates must write which includes their country's position on every topic to be discussed in committee. This document is useful when doing research for the committee and demonstrates an understanding of the topics in relation to the character/country assignment.


Position papers are not mandatory but are highly recommended. Moreover, they are prerequisites for winning awards and must be submitted no later than April 12nd, 11:59.

When writing a position paper, consider the following questions:


  • How do the issues affect your character/country?

  • How would your character/country respond to the issues?

  • Does your character/country have any knowledge or relevant experience dealing with the issues?

  • Which characters/countries in your committee might have a similar viewpoint as that of your country/character?


It is recommended you write approximately 200 words per topic, including a quick summary of every topic. An example position paper is provided below.

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