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Award Criteria


In MUN, awards are given to commend delegates who display exceptional skill in a particular arena. Similar to other conferences, at VMUN, we issue awards in a tiered system. To avoid ambiguity in the award selection process, we specialize the tiers of awards into three categories: research, diplomacy and determination, and finally statecraft.  The criteria for the tiers of awards are as follows:

Award for Honourable Mention


Given to the delegate who demonstrates the ability to skillfully advocate their state’s policies in the face of opposition and displays exceptional determination in the completion of their objectives.


Award for Outstanding Delegate

Given to the delegate who demonstrates a strong fluency in the areas of diplomacy and negotiation, capable of uniting parties based upon shared interests to ensure the progression of committee.

Award for Best Delegate


Given to the delegate who excels in matters of both diplomacy and resolve. This delegate walks the fine line between managing their state's policies and assembling common ground among the parties. Possessing a  masterful grasp of affairs of state, this delegate surehandedly guides the progression of committee.

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