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Varsity Blues - University Admission Scandals

As time goes on, prestigious universities such as University South Carolina, Georgetown University, and Stanford University, among others, have seen an increase in their global status, an increase in their number of applicants, and an overall increase in desire for people to attend. With this increase in desire, the top 1% typically see their child’s attendance at a prestigious university as a status symbol and a way to make their child follow in great footsteps, whether they deserve it or not. While the majority of applicants have worked tirelessly to achieve their position in reputable schools, some feel that it is their child’s God given right to attend, thus beginning the sea of fraudulent practices that people use to get what they want. From bribes to favors, many people try to cheat the admissions office into getting their children into the top schools without having to do the work that goes with it. 

The Integrity Task Force is a law enforcement and legal counsel group whose purpose is to probe into the university admission scandals by laying out facts, building a case, and acquiring information from admission teams, university administrators, parents, and students. The task force will mainly focus on the two greatest forms of malpractice, being bribery, in all of its forms, and legacy admissions, meaning the admission bias that exists due to previous generations and other family members having attended the school.

Delegates will be expected to understand the extent of the situation, form a conclusion as to how to eradicate selection bias in admission teams and, finally, write directives that will outline how to prevent and eradicate these admission scandals once and for all in a clear and concise manner. 

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