Below are all the details delegates may need to select a committee and prepare for the conference. .

Asian Cooperation Dialogue

General Assembly

The World Health Organization (WHO)

General Assembly

Despite the feats of modern medicine, humanity still faces countless infectious disease outbreaks. New viruses, bacterial pathogens, parasites, and fungi may emerge anywhere and anytime, leaving no one safe. It is also worth noting that while public health emergencies pose a global risk, financially and socially vulnerable populations are most largely affected. The WHO’s mandate in the face of epidemics is to save lives and to minimize suffering. This proves to be a colossal task when it comes to the impending threat of an influenza pandemic, or the rapidly-spreading novel 2019 coronavirus. In this GA, delegates will discuss and develop strategies to deal with these two public health emergencies.

Socrates' Trial

Specialized Agency

If you ask Plato, he will probably tell you that the death of Socrates was the most horrific tragedy to ever face the human race. Socrates was originally found guilty of two charges; corrupting the youth, and impiety against the pantheon, as a result, Socrates was punished by death through poisoning. Delegates in this committee will represent members of the jury of The Trial of Socrates, and their goal will be to decide the fate of Socrates himself.

The Newsroom

Crisis Committee

Information is now available rapidly at everyone’s fingertips in a fraction of a second. It is how successes and catastrophes are seen and reacted to on a global scale all the time. Reading and reacting to the information is one thing, but sorting through it and analyzing the most important aspects and headlining stories are different. Here you, the delegates, will need to find out what headlines are the most pressing and if the old saying “If it bleeds, it leads” is actually true. Based off the hit series The Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin.


Crisis Committee

Known as the worst modern day tragedy in American history, September 11th, 2001 brought both America and its allies to it’s knees. With 5 coordinated attacks across the country, leading to thousands dead and major landmarks destroyed including the twin towers and the Pentagon. You, the committee will need to react 24 hours later. How will you shape the history of the United States of America at one of its weakest points in history, September 12th, 2001. (9/12/2001)

The Peloponnesian War

Joint Crisis Committee

Thucydides regards The Peloponnesian War as the most momentous war up to that time. Between the years 431 and 404 BCE, almost every City state in Greek was involved in this war through an alliance to either the Delian League led by Athens, or the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta. In this Joint Crisis Committee, delegates will represent members of both leagues, in an attempt to rewrite the course of history. Will the Athenian Philosophers vanquish The legendary Spartan Warriors? You, the delegates, get to decide.

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