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This Committee is Cancelled: CTV Board of Directors

Specialized Agency

The CTV Board of Directors is a committee responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the CTV Canadian television network, a subsidiary of Bell Media. The first topic of this committee explores the challenges and opportunities presented by the introduction of mainstream media in developing countries. Key challenges such as the lack of infrastructure or the need for culturally sensitive programming that resonates with local audiences get in the way of mediatization in countries of the global south. In contrast, the introduction of mainstream media presents the potential to promote economic development and cultural exchange, while also providing a platform for local voices to be heard. The second topic focuses on the rise of polarization in media, which has become a growing concern worldwide. The committee will explore the causes and consequences of this trend and discuss possible strategies to address it. Whether it is promoting media literacy and critical thinking skills, or encouraging greater diversity in media ownership and content, delegates will be responsible for developing such effective solutions. Delegates, may the media be on your side!

Your Dais
Théa-Maria El-Moutran
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Gabrielle Starenkyj Perron
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