Air Pollution

General Assembly

Air pollution, or the presence of pollutants and contaminants in our air, has been causing local, regional, and global threats to safety. In recent years, the prevalence of visible air pollution in the atmosphere has left medical and scientific experts calling upon local and national governments to act quickly, or risk severe long-term damage from this crisis. It is evident that this has spiraled into a medical, environmental, societal, industrial, and agricultural issue that requires diplomatic action. Our health, communities and environment are at risk, and the solution requires immediate global cooperation to be solved. 


Through these deliberations, the committee seeks to extend international diplomacy and cooperation and present effective solutions that can be implemented into this fast-growing world and the environmental consequences it brings. The UN calls upon this committee to act quickly and wisely to protect the health and preservation of our communities, and act upon this great risk posing danger to our societies.

Your Dais
Saibihai Tuersunmaimaiti
Vanier College 
Social Science
Nithya Mahasenan
Champlain College St. Lambert
Law and Civilization